Blockboard Plywood

As a reputed name in the industry, Hive Plywood is a leading Blockboard Plywood Manufacturers. The offered blockboard plywood is composed using a wood-based panel, created up of a core of softwood strips in adjacent columns. The manufacturing procedure comprises sandwiching strips of wood between two thick veneers of hardwood and glueing them under an immense quantity of heat and pressure. Before buying a blockboard, recall that it is not suited for outdoor purposes.

The offered Blockboard Plywood is used to make doors, tables, shelves, panelling and partition walls. We create blocks by employing premium-grade wood and state-of-the-art machine to ensure a robust structure.

Features of Blockboard Plywood:
  • Light in weight and thickness

  • Superior dimensional resilience in all-environmental situations

  • Have outstanding screw holding capability

  • Customized as per requirement like painted and lustrous

  • Easy to transport

Enquiry Now Testing Parameters IS:303 Requirement HIVE Plywood Results
1 a) Max. change in length
b) Max. change in thickness
c) Max. change in local planeness
± 1mm
± 1 mm
Less than 1/150
0.30 mm
0.40 mm
2 Modulus of Rupture Min. 40.00 Newton/mm2 45.00 Newton/mm2
3 Modulus of Elasticity Min. 4000.00 Newton/mm2 5540.00 Newton/mm2
4 Edge straightness Max. 0.2% 0.05%