Calibrated Plywood in UP

Hive Plywood Calibrated Plywood Manufacturers in UP is well known in the market which manufacture premium quality exterior calibrated plywood. A key step of quality maintenance is observed for the end to end process of our calibrated plywood. The species of high density wood veneer is being used which is bonded with high quality phenol formaldehyde resin.

As a part of the selection process the veneered sheets are selected on the basis of density, bending strength, surface finish characteristics and impact resistance which is tested by qualified experts in our own well equipped laboratory. With ultimate goal of achieving client satisfaction we know how to get it done properly.

Enquiry Now Testing Parameters IS:710:1976 Requirement HIVE Plywood Results
1 Moisture Content 5 - 15% 7 - 8%
2 Glue Shear Strength in Dry Condition Individual Min. 1100 Newton
Average Min. 1350 Newton
1300 Newton
1642 Newton
3 Glue Shear Strength After Wet Condition Individual Min. 800 Newton
Average Min. 1100 Newton
1024 Newton
1170 Newton
4 Parallel to grain direction
Right angle to grain direction
Sum of both directions
Min. 42.0 N/ mm2
Min. 25.0 N/ mm2
Min. 84.5 N/ mm2
44.2 N/ mm2
42.8 N/ mm2
27.00 N/ mm2
5 Water Resistance Test Should pass 72 Hours of Boiling Test Hours 210 Test Passed