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Shuttering Plywood

HIVE Plywood Shuttering Plywood is a Water Proof plywood, specially designed for use in concrete form work and shuttering applications, in the construction of flyovers, bridges, tunnels, sky scrapers, and conforms to IS 4409. It’s a long lasting product and can be used multiple time depending upon proper handling, use and storage. There is much plywood in this market but Hiveply is the best shuttering plywood manufacture ,supplier, and traders in U.P.


Technical Specifications*
Properties Specified IS 4990:2011
Adhesive For Bonding E1 Grade Un- extended WP Phenol formaldehyde Resin as per Global Standards
Preservative Treatment As per IS 5539
Glue Shear Strength Excellent
GSS Dry State 1350 N Avg
1100 N min Individual
GSS Wet State 1000 N Avg
800 N Min Individual
Mechanical Data Excellent
Density Above 750 kg/m3
Tensile Strength Excellent
Parallel to grain direction Above 38.5 N/mm2
Perpendicular to grain directions Above 22.5 N/mm2
Sum in both direction 61 N/mm2
Water Resistance Test
Stands more than 72 hours of continuous boiling
CONFORMS TO IS 4990:2011
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