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HIVE Plywood Marine Plywood is made from 100% hardwood timber, which has a high degree of strength and rigidity. Marine Plywood is bonded with high quality Phenol Formaldehyde Resin added with Special Chemicals and processed through high temperature and pressure to keep the bonding intact even with 50 hours of boiling. The plywood is given chemical treatment in a vacuum pressure impregnation Chamber for 12 Hours. The result is a MARINE plywood that is completely Borer, Fungus, Termite, Marine Borer, Powder and Last but most Importantly water proof. There is much plywood in this market but Hiveply is the best marine grade plywood manufacture ,supplier, and traders in U.P.

Thickness Avaialble: 6mm/9mm/12mm/19mm

Density Offered :

Sizes Available : 8x4/8x3/7x4/7x3/6x4/6x3


Ships and Boat Making, Persistant Rainy Conditions , Areas of High Water Penetration and outdoor Applications


S. No. Testing Parameters IS:710:1976 Requirement HIVE Plywood Results
1 Moisture Content 5 - 15% 7 - 8%
2 Glue Shear Strength in
Dry Condition
a. Individual Min. 1100 Newton
b. Average Min. 1350 Newton
1300 Newton
1642 Newton
3 Glue Shear Strength
after Wet Condition
a. Individual Min. 800 Newton
b. Average Min. 1100 Newton
1024 Newton
1170 Newton
4 Tensile Strength
a) Parallel to grain direction
b) Right angle to grain direction
c) Sum of both directions
Min. 42.0 N/ mm2
Min. 25.0 N/ mm2
Min. 84.5 N/ mm2
44.2 N/ mm2
42.8 N/ mm2
27.00 N/ mm2
5 Water Resistance Test Should pass 72 Hours of Boiling Test Hours 210
Test Passed
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