For the last 40 years, Hive Ply has been serving across the country with its quality materials and expert services. At Hive Ply, we have built a reputation of unparalleled quality, service, and expertise with the widest assortment of products exactly like you need it. Our vast inventory of engineered wood products and amazing delivery services are the reasons that have helped us become the first Indian company to rule the plywood industry. We are the pioneer in manufacturing marine plywood which has become the latest favorite of everyone. With our three factories and more than three hundred employees working diligently for the best quality products, Hive Ply has a come a long way. Our commitment to providing only the highest quality materials makes sure your project is completed as per your expectations and requirements.

Manufacturing of Hive Ply

Our durable and long-lasting plywood is a wood-based panel comprised of a collection of veneers that are glued together with our special resin. The production process begins with the selection of strong logs. We make sure nature is not harmed unnecessarily and we work hard for the conservation of nature as well. Once cut as per the standards set by the authority, logs are transported to our factory for further processing.


Logs are stored in a special room where they are submerged in water so that it becomes easier to cut down and peel them properly. The next step is to de-bark the logs before sending them for cutting and peeling. We have industrial-scale machines to remove the bark of the logs cleanly. Now, these logs are cut to size. Cutting of logs also considers the finished panel size and grain direction.


Next on the production line logs are peeled into veneers. We use a rotary loathe for this purpose. This exceptional machine works like a pencil sharpener and peels the logs into thin sheets that are sent to another conveyor for sizing and grading. The machine is pre-programmed for cutting the veneers into the desired size which then undergoes a grading process. Grading is one of the very important steps in the manufacturing of plywood. It makes sure no defects remain on the sheets.


Veneers after being cut and graded are still very wet. It is hugely important to dry them properly because the drying process safeguards the wood against fungal decay and also enhances the mechanical properties of the finished plywood. We have huge industrial dryers that dry the veneers.

Quality Check

After drying, a team of experts checks the veneers for any defects that are to be repaired like open knots, splits, etc. The machine scans the veneers and automatically fixes the problem wherever it exists. At Hive Ply, our aim is to give you a flawless product that lasts for a very long time.


Now, our special resin is applied on the front and back sides of all the veneers. Glued veneers are then stacked on top of each other. Our pressing machine flattens out the veneers and distributes the glue evenly. Now actual plywood starts taking shape. In this step, glued veneers are now hot pressed for a relatively longer duration. This press compresses the veneers together and applied heat melts the glue. Thus, veneers are compressed into a board that is durable and strong.


After hot pressing, the board is cooled down. But it is still not very proper in shape and compressing leaves veneers with a lot of uneven edges. So, the excess veneer is trimmed to give it proper edges. Sanding is another important step for giving plywood a smooth and even surface. At Hive Ply, we have an industrial sander for giving plywood a mesmerizing finishing touch.

At last, our team of expert engineers checks the final quality of the manufactured product and gives it a green signal. Their main concern is moisture level, durability, strength, and protection against decay. They conduct several tests for all the above-mentioned concerns. Once the plywood passes all these tests with flying colors, it is ready for dispatch.

All check and done, our high-quality plywood is ready to be delivered across the country!

Our Products

Since 1990, Hive Ply has been continuously adding to its already long list of engineered wood products.

From first-of-its-kind marine plywood to commercial plywood, calibrated plywood to doors and shuttering plywood to blockboard plywood, we are striving diligently to give you what you need and exactly how you need. We understand the unique requirements of your project and make sure our assortment of products is up to the mark.

Our engineers and technicians all work hard and perform proper research of the plywood market to understand the needs of our customers. Whether the plywood is required for the domestic purpose or for commercial purposes, we know what it takes to stand out. Our manufacturing process is very thorough and involves undisturbed attention at every step. This gives us satisfaction and confidence to face our customers and offer them the highest and finest quality plywood. Our expert services involve on-time delivery and proper care of the client’s needs.

In an extremely competitive market, Hive Ply prides itself on always working hard to achieve value for money for every customer. With our friendly service, competitive prices and a wide range of products, we offer superior performance and value to every project. Our plywood is also available in varying lengths and thicknesses. So, you get various options to choose from.

We are the number one manufacturer and supplier of plywood in India. And we are working continuously to always keep us ahead of the competition. We know the importance of trust that our customers have shown in us. And we will do whatever it takes to keep their trust strong.

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